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Aseptic sterilization device

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Aseptic sterilization device

The ORA-SO1 aseptic sterilization device uses active oxygen generation and can kill 99.99% of all germs. It takes 3 to 5 minutes for a bacterial cell's DNA to collapse and cause rapid death. After sterilization has been completed, the active oxygen is converted back into oxygen and dissolves in the air. In a test room of 1 cubic meter, the device produces about 1 ppm of active oxygen in 5 minutes.

This product is suitable for disinfecting and sterilizing objects such as masks, gloves, mobile phones, glasses, powder puffs, chopsticks, children's toys, pacifiers, tokens, clothing, underwear and documents. Can also be used for small closed refrigerators, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, etc.

This device leverages a major breakthrough in ozone generation and manufacturing, as well as several patented technologies, to increase efficiency by 5 to 10 times the existing technology. It does not contain any consumables but only uses air and water.

Active oxygen is a colorless gas that smells of grass. Scientists first called it ozone, which means "fresh air" and is also known as oxygen 3, strong oxygen or reactive oxygen. When the concentration of active oxygen (O3) in the air is between 0.02 and 0.05 ppm, the air feels fresh.

Active oxygen (O3) contains an additional primary oxygen molecule (O) compared to oxygen (O2) and is 1.7 times heavier than air. It is an unstable gas and is easily converted to oxygen (O2). Therefore, it has a strong oxidizing ability and is ideal for sterilizing, deodorising, bleaching and detoxifying. There are no side effects.
Active oxygen (O3) can remain in the air for 10 to 15 minutes at normal temperatures. It dissolves in water in 15 to 20 minutes.
International studies have shown that Escherichiacoli bacteria can be completely killed in 5 seconds at a concentration of 0.5 ppm at 20 °C.

Conventional disinfection methods such as ultraviolet radiation or chemical fumigation methods have many shortcomings in terms of thoroughness, residual pollution, odors etc. and can damage human tissue.
Active oxygen (O3) is an organic and highly effective sterilizer and is often used in drinking water treatment plants and in air disinfection.

Product specifications:

  • Product name: Aseptic room 9999 super oxide measuring device + super oxygen measuring device special disinfection box
  • Model: ORA-SO1
  • Material: ABS
  • Net weight: 200 g / 480 g
  • Dimensions: 137 * 71 * 29 MM / 324 * 150 * 89 MM
  • Accessories: Super oxide measuring device x1
  • Disinfection box x1 manual x1 silicone base x1, 0.8 m charging cable (micro USB) x 1, storage bag x1, activated carbon package
  • Input: DC 5V / 1A 
  • Length of the charging cable: 0.8 m 
  • Battery capacity: 18650 / 3.7 V / 2600 mAh 
  • Built-in charge management circuit: charging current 1A 
  • Built-in booster circuit: Booster 12V 
  • Blower: DC 12V 5000 rpm 
  • Active oxygen concentration generated by working in 1 cubic meter for 5 minutes: 1PPM / m


  1. Store the product in the packaging box. If the packaging box is lost, do not place any objects on the product to avoid accidental contact (this may result in the product being switched on).
  2. Do not wash it directly with water.
  3. Activated carbon bags must be replaced regularly (once a year).
  4. If you want to transport it, please press the button to avoid false triggering that will result in the product being switched on.