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Daily Mask (meets FFP2/N95 standards) / 1 Box - 50 Pieces

2.37  per 1 st.
(Including tax)
Weight: 386.000 g
50 item(s)
Our quantity discounts:
Quantity 2+ 20+
Price 114.86
2.30  per 1 st.
2.13  per 1 st.

Through our long standing connections to manufacturers in China we are able to import certified FFP2/N95 masks at the most competitive prices. We understand that many hospitals and pharmacies are low or out of stock at the moment and we are doing everything in our power to keep the supply up. Please be aware of price fluctuations as shipping and transport fees are currently increasing.

Our certified breathing masks FFP2/N95 have the lowest respiration resistance and are of the highest quality. They shield your breathing system against dangerous and harmful substances such as COVID-19 viruses, asbestos, mold and other pathogens. Despite the exceptional level of safeguarding, the mask offers great wearing comfort. The anatomical shape guarantees a comfortable and secure fit and ensures low breathing resistance. All of these properties make it easy to wear for a long time.

These FFP2/N95 masks are composed of a spunbonded layer, a primary filter layer (PP melt-blown cotton), a high-efficiency filter layer (nano-fiber membrane) and a spunbonded support layer.

The diameter of the melt-blown non-woven fiber is 2 to 10µm , which can block large particulate matter with more than 2µm, the fiber diameter of the nano-fiber membrane is 100 to 200 nm and the formed three-dimensional porous structure can effectively separate 0.5 µm, pollen, virus and other

This mask adopts the gradient filtration effect of melt-blown static cotton and nano-fiber composite structure from micron-scale to nano scale. The filtration efficiency of 0.3µm standard particulate matter is above 99.9% (test condition).

The key technology is the preparation of the nano-fiber by the our self-developed linear electrode electro spinning technology. The ultrathin non-woven filter materials with a filtration accuracy of 100 nm can be processed with ultrafine fibers as raw materials, which can effectively intercept pathogen transmissions such as mask droplets, pm2.5, viruses, oily particulate matter, etc.

This product can be used in all kinds of environments and can still maintain efficient filtration. The masks can be machine washed and cleaned with alcohol up to 20 times.

Please note that the actual product can differ from the pictures because we work with different manufacturers. All of them have the same high quality and certification standards. Price fluctuations are caused by fluctuating shipping and handling costs.

Product ships within 5 days after ordering.

Certified in China according to local standards. Meets the FFP2 KN95 standard for personal use.

Read the additional product and usage information before use.
Instructions for use: Wear over mouth and nose, fix with the ear loops. If there is moisture, stop or change. Keep used masks protected from contamination in a bag or similar. Keep sealed airtight or wash immediately. Wash hands (and, if necessary, the relevant area of the face) with soap before and after removing or touching the mask and / or cleaning with a suitable disinfectant. If mouth-nose masks are used for other purposes despite instructions / labeling from the manufacturer, this is the responsibility of the user.

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